Economic Development

Launch a business accelerator in your city

Launch a 12-week, fully immersive business accelerator supporting early-stage entrepreneurs in your city. The program is designed to help founders grow their businesses, develop leadership skills, build key relationships, and acquire new customers. Startups receive mentorship, strategic support, funding opportunities, and full-service business services.

Entrepreneurs gain access to

Intensive, full-service business support

Investors, supporters, advisors, and mentors

Strategic partnerships and post-program support

How it works

¹ Choose a community to make an impact in

Select from over 150 cities across America and decide which regions to launch businesses in.

² Select demographics and industries to focus on

Choose the types of businesses and entrepreneur backgrounds you want the program to focus on.

³ Choose how many businesses to support

Decide how many businesses (or nonprofits) you want to launch in your region, state, or city.

⁴ Recruit and select local entrepreneurs

Recruit, interview, and select which local entrepreneurs you want to accept into the program.

⁵ Launch the program

Launch a 12-week business accelerator, managed and operated by Launch Point Labs, and designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs from your city. The program culminates with an Investor Roundtable and the opportunity for businesses to win up to $50,000 in grants.

Reporting and Accountability

Weekly Progress Updates

Receive weekly updates that dive into the progress your local entrepreneur is making in their business.

Economic Impact Report

Receive monthly economic reports outlining the impact your program is having on the city.

Eric leads Economic Development at Launch Point Labs. Connect with him and launch a business accelerator in your city.