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a better future

Helping entrepreneurs build thriving businesses and impactful nonprofits in cities across America.

By the numbers

50% of businesses fail within five years. We're working to lower that % to zero.

Here's how we're making it happen.

Economic Development

Supporting small businesses and local entrepreneurs

Through collaboration with corporations, foundations and institutions that share our mission, we spark economic growth across America by helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

Our newest initiatives include

Launching a shopping destination in Maryland

Building a grassroots music studio in New York

Growing a home service company in Delaware

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Energize your local economy

Build businesses in your city

Launch a 12-week business accelerator that gives local entrepreneurs the tools, talent, and resources they need to build impactful companies in your city.

Sponsor local companies

Provide marketing, branding, and sales support to underfunded businesses in your community. Sponsor a local company, and we'll help them build their business.

Educate new entrepreneurs

Host workshops and webinars that provide entrepreneurs with valuable information on topics such as marketing, finance, and product development.

Eric leads Economic Development at Launch Point Labs. Connect with him and start supporting small businesses in your city.

Corporate Innovation

Supercharging companies and nonprofits

We help organizations stay ahead of the curve by refining their processes, unlocking their potential, and developing growth strategies that work.

Our growth teams specialize in

Branding & Creative

Marketing & Digital Media

Sales & Demand Generation

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Work with our team of builders and innovators

Marketing + Digital Media

Our marketing team develops campaigns that inspire people to take action – online and offline. The team uses guerilla marketing and digital influence to attract loyal supporters, advocates, and customers.

Best for companies struggling to reach their target audience and stand out from the crowd.

Branding + Creative

Our creative team takes a modern approach to building brands. The team uses data and research to help organizations craft their visual identity, develop messaging, and build an attention-grabbing brand.

Best for companies attempting to establish and define their brand identity.

Sales + Demand Generation

Our sales team has years of experience generating revenue for both B2B and B2C companies. The team leverages data, industry knowledge, and customer feedback to increase sales.

Best for companies struggling to generate consistent growing revenue.

Brandon leads Corporate Innovation at Launch Point Labs. Connect with him to explore ways to work together.