Launch Point Labs provides capital, coaching, and business support to companies across the country.

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Accelerate your growth and stay ahead of the curve by working with our diverse lineup of talented creators, marketers, designers, and brand builders.

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Gain strategic advice, industry knowledge, and hands-on support focused on helping you launch, grow, and scale a profitable organization.

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Connect with investors, corporations, and nonprofits that believe in your mission, vision, and purpose. Raise capital, win grants, and spark new opportunities.

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Marketing + Digital Media

Our marketing team develops campaigns that inspire people to take action – online and offline. The team uses guerilla marketing and digital influence to attract loyal supporters, advocates, and customers.

Branding + Creative

Our creative team takes a modern approach to building brands. The team uses data and research to help organizations craft their visual identity, develop messaging, and build an one-of-a-kind brand.

Sales + Demand

Our sales team has years of experience generating revenue for companies and nonprofits. The team leverages data, industry knowledge, and customer feedback to generate demand and boost sales.

Launch Point Labs
Join our venture accelerator

Our 12-week startup accelerator supports ambitious entrepreneurs from across America. The program is designed to help businesses accelerate their growth, develop strategic partnerships, and stay ahead of the competition. Participating companies gain access to mentorship, strategic insights, funding opportunities, and a full-suite of business support services.

Grow and scale your company

Strategic Partnerships

Gain access to perks, partnerships, and free tools from Google, Stripe, ZenDesk, DocSend, Carta, Hubspot, and others.

Expert Knowledge

From ideation to execution, our team of seasoned professionals brings years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape.

Full-service support

From strategic planning and market research to branding, marketing, and financial management, our full-service business support covers it all.

Unlock your potential

Accelerate your growth

We help companies (and nonprofits) stay ahead of the curve by refining their processes, unlocking their potential, and developing growth strategies that work.

Launching towards a better future
Let's build together

Launch Point Labs is committed to providing ambitious entrepreneurs with the resources, guidance, and support they need to launch, grow, and scale their ventures.

Launch Point Labs

Thank you for signing up for our accelerator program!

We are thrilled that you have taken the first step towards unleashing your entrepreneurial potential. Our team has received your application and we are excited to review it. We carefully evaluate each submission to ensure that we select the most promising ventures for our program. The selection process may take some time, as we want to give each application the attention it deserves. What happens next? Here's an overview of the next steps:

1. Application Review: Our expert panel will thoroughly review your submission, assessing factors such as your idea’s innovation, market potential, and team composition. We take great care in evaluating each application fairly and comprehensively.

2. Selection Notification: Once the review process is complete, we will notify you via email regarding the status of your application. We understand that waiting can be challenging, but we appreciate your patience as we strive to make informed decisions.

3. Interview and Due Diligence: If your application progresses to the next stage, we may invite you for an interview to learn more about your venture. Additionally, we might conduct some due diligence to better understand your business model, market fit, and growth potential.

4. Acceptance and Program Details: Congratulations! If your application is successful, we will send you an acceptance letter outlining the program’s details, including start dates, duration, and expectations. You will also receive information about any financial support or equity arrangements, if applicable.

5. Program Kickoff: The accelerator program will begin on the specified start date. You will join a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts, all dedicated to supporting your journey. Throughout the program, we will provide you with valuable resources, guidance, and networking opportunities to help you accelerate your startup’s growth.

Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, we may not be able to provide individual feedback on each submission. However, we encourage you to stay connected with our community through our newsletter, events, and social media platforms to access useful content and upcoming opportunities.

Thank you again for your interest in our accelerator program. We look forward to potentially working with you and being a part of your entrepreneurial journey.

Best regards,
Launch Point Labs​

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