Launch Point Labs is a startup studio and early-stage venture fund

We're a group of entrepreneurs building businesses together.


Creating fast-growing startups with partners and friends.


Funding new ideas by investing capital, infrastructure, and resources.


Supporting local organizations by providing high-impact tools, tactics, and talent.


Scaling innovative companies by increasing revenue, retention, and profits.

Taking startups to new heights

(with a little of help from our friends)

We support the doers and the makers
⁺ Ambitious Creators
Entrepreneurs work with us to launch, grow, and scale their businesses.
⁺ Community Leaders
Nonprofits partner with us to raise awareness and advance the causes they care about.
⁺ Enterprise Executives
Corporations use us to bring innovation and new products to their industry.

Our process is the same for every unique company we support


Pressure test concepts by validating customer demand, technical feasibility, business model, unit economics, market dynamics, and investor interest.


Turn validated concepts into sellable products and services. Our inhouse sales and marketing teams use proven strategies to consistently acquire first-time customers.


Maximize revenue and profits by optimizing sales and marketing channels. Implement effective and efficient systems to surpass financial goals and objectives.


Build infrastructure and use capital to accelerate growth. Amplify all aspects of the company while expanding product lines and distribution channels.

Let's build together

Our team is your team
Gain full access to our team of creators, builders, and innovators.

Led by Travis king, our growth team is focused on scaling businesses. They use data and qualitative research to increase customer acquisition, retention, and revenue in sustainable, strategic ways.

Sales equates to revenue, and revenue creates growth. We’ll help you find customers, increase sales, and earn profits. Led by Brandon Mahoney, our revenue team consists of sales managers, specialists, and analysts – all working in tandem to meet daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals.

Marketing is an art form. It’s what brings your brand to life. We’ll help you create experiences that captivate your tribe. Lead by Kyra Gilmore, our marketing team is responsible for advertising, branding, PR, social, and all external facing communication. The team develops and implements strategies to promote brand awareness, increase engagement, and drive sales.

We’ll help you build a brand that is authentic, memorable, and deeply connected with your audience. Led by Damon Martin, our creative team is responsible for generating attention-grabbing content that engages consumers and target audiences. Team members work together to develop conceptual campaigns designed to stand apart from competitors.

We’ll help you effectively manage, control, and supervise the goods, services, and people within your business. From customer success to project management, our operations team works across all departments to align teams, set goals, and execute initiatives.

Turning good ideas into great businesses

Our impact is unmatched
We launch new companies every month, and we work with diverse entrepreneurs to make it happen.

We're building businesses with people like you

Let's work together

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