Launch Point Labs provides capital, mentorship, and business support to startups across the country.

A space for founders to launch, grow, and scale startups

⁺Start Building

Access tools, tactics, and business blueprints to start building a profitable company.

⁺Get Support

Gain strategic advice, industry knowledge, and hands-on support from our diverse team of creators, builders, and innovators.

⁺Find Funding

Connect with angel investors, venture capitalists, and corporations that believe in your vision.

⁺Scale Quickly

Access additional capital, work with specialized growth teams, and get the infrastructure you need to build a fast-growing sustainable business.

Talented teams to help you grow
Work with our team of creators, builders, and innovators.

Sales + Partnerships

Build relationships, create partnerships, and drive revenue. Work with our Growth Team to spark sales and opportunities.

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Branding + Graphic Design

Build a brand that is authentic, memorable, and deeply connected with your audience. Work with our Creative Team to reimagine your visual identity.

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Digital + Social Media

Bring your brand to life with attention-grabbing content and experiences. Work with our Marketing Team to plan and execute innovative campaigns.

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Unlock your business
⁺Expert Knowledge
Connect with top experts in your industry, learn from our network of entrepreneurs, and get the solutions you need to solve complex challenges.
⁺Strategic Partnerships
Gain access to perks, partnerships, and free tools from Google, Stripe, ZenDesk, DocSend, Carta, Hubspot, and others.
⁺Top Talent
Turn your good idea into a great business by working with our diverse lineup of talented creators, marketers, designers, and brand builders.
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